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About me

Guilherme Armani

UX / Product Designer

Hi, I’m Guilherme and I like to solve problems focused on peopletechnology + business.

I love learning how people think and behave, and doing research to design user-centric products and experiences that solve user and business problems. I am a curious, self-driven product designer passionate about emerging technologies, social good, advocating UX design across all fields of work, and facilitating design education.

I studied Advertising, which helped me develop visual storytelling, creative thinking, and marketing strategies. I always study, attend courses, and get informed about User Experience and digital solutions.

My experience:

I’ve worked in cross-functional multidisciplinary teams for the past 10+ years. During this journey, I’ve worked in São Paulo & Brasília (Brazil), Vienna (Austria) and I’m currently based in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), working hard and enjoying the beautiful waters of the Caribbean.

I am currently working on digital projects that impact the lives of thousands of people in the US, Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Austria.

In Brasília, I’ve designed and implemented projects for major banks, like as Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, and others organizations of private and public sectors, like Caixa Seguradora, Sebrae, UniCEUB and UNICEF.

In Vienna, my professional experiences included digital projects for Schwarzkopf, Henkel, Masterfoods, Wewalka, Wiener Zucker and Gourmet.

Although my current focus is on User Experience (UX) and Product Design, I also have experience as front-end developer and project manager.

My current tasks include, but are not limited to define UX strategies, design, develop and manage websites and Apps, conduct user research and competitor analysis, develop personas, storyboards, user and task-flow, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes, user interface design, running user tests, interviews and workshops. I also have managerial skills including team and project management.

Finally, I’m also the local leader and volunteer organizer of IxDA (Interaction Design Association in Brasília. I’m responsible for planning, promoting and hosting local events, like as meetups, UX talks, workshops, courses, portfolio review, movie nights etc.

What I can do for you

UX Research

Web Development


UX Design

Digital Strategy

Email Marketing



UI Design




Project Management


Social Media

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I speak english, german, portuguese and spanish.

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